Supervision for developing specialized practitioner skills I am keen to develop a new idea which has caught my attention for a while. Over the years I have been approached by practitioners wanting specialized supervision to develop specific skills in specific areas.

I experience that groups are creative places for development of practice however I am responding to what seems to be a need for practitioners to develop skills and acknowledge that workshops often are at the wrong time and not specific enough for some peoples individual requirements. Consequently I am excited with the thought of individuals developing their own professional development programme tailored to their specific needs.

Some of these development areas I have thought about could be:

  • Practitioners wanting individual training in working creatively with clients, transitioning from one speciality to another, e.g. from adult work to working with children and young people.
  • Working with families.
  • Working with moving from organizational work to private practice.
  • Developing specific skills in expressive media such as sand play, clay, therapeutic puppetry, role play, creative writing.
  • Creative ways of working in supervision.
  • Creativity as an agent of change.
  • Metaphor in professional and personal development.
  • Facilitating creative rituals with client in response to loss and transition.
  • Refresher of skills work.
  • Reflection of individual practice and development.
  • Life skills supervision.

These could be one off sessions or a continuing supervision training programme. These are just a few suggestions that I have thought about. Equally I am curious and excited with what individuals own ideas and identification of their learning needs.

So if you are interested for either your own professional development or an organizational need please feel free to contact me and we can explore this further.